The relevance and demand for Digital Marketing at present is greater than ever! From a single entity, it has grown to a multi-level platform for marketing and communication. Thus we aim to provide opportunities for career development through Professional Marketing training in Hyderabad. Dedicated to transforming all the course registrants into employed personnel, ours is the Best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad assuring 100% placements. We make sure you acquire each and every requisite skill and knowledge in Digital Marketing for you to get hired.

Course Overview

30 Modules, 120 days with an hour long sessions every week from Monday to Friday is all it takes for Our Job Oriented Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad. You get ample exposure to paid tools, a wide range of experimentation, practice in this incredible learning experience. We make sure you acquire each and every requisite skill, knowledge and strategy in Digital Marketing for you to get hired. Get competent enough for companies to consider you under our professional trainer’s guidance on real-time projects. Get certified by Google with our digital marketing training in Hyderabad.

Course Highlights

Enrol in our top-quality Digital Marketing Course to build your career and enhance employment opportunities in Digital Marketing. Google Fundamentals Certification Exam is an important milestone in Digital Marketing. Our expert trainers guide you to clear the exam and build a better resume. This exceptional quality makes us the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute with 100% placements.

GingerBoard Academy believes in a thorough understanding of concepts and building strong academic aptitude for understanding business. Hence GingerBoard includes an entire section of Marketing for our prospect Digital Marketers. In addition to basics of marketing, our endeavor is to help students to develop an ability to comprehend brand communication requirements, so that they are able to deliver better.

  • Our best Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad keeps you updated with the cutting edge strategies and the best practices adopted by the most successful Digital Marketers in the industry
  • Deep understanding of Marketing as well as Digital Marketing through case studies and application-based pedagogy.
  • In addition to understandable and elaborate offline as well as online content, we ensure that you are well-equipped in Digital Marketing concepts like Content Marketing, SEO, SMO, Influencer Marketing, Online earning etc.
  • Corporate interface training is given by conducting mock interviews and post-interview discussions at regular schedules with Soft skill classes added to the course.
  • Get hired in reputed establishments with 100% placement assistance and able guidance from our skilled trainers

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Best Training Course

Best Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad guaranteeing 100% Placement Assistance


Comprehensive and Holistic approach in each subject


Regular Doubt-clarification sessions, Assignments, Free E-book and Materials for all Modules


Back-Up classes for the ones you’ve missed out

Best Opportunities

Free Internship for selected candidates

Best Exposure

Real-Time Project Exposure


Certification after due-completion of course

Upskill & Upgrade

Employability Skills to get ready for corporate challenges


The most comprehensive and detailed Digital Marketing Training course to facilitate your clear understanding on marketing as well. There will be multiple professional trainers, with the requisite expertise on the subject, who will be conducting the sessions. Each module is designed by the experts which are:

  • Well-elaborated
  • Includes minute details aiding ‘Beginner to Expert’ transformation
  • Career & Personal Development oriented approach

Our friendly teachers who are also Industry Commanders provide extensive support for knowledge transfer through application-based pedagogy & real-time projects.


  • What is Marketing?
  • The 4 P’s of Marketing.
  • Market STP - Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Maslow theory of needs
  • Brand space – Segment of product
  • Product life cycle – GE grid, SWOT, BCG metrics,
  • Marketing funnel
  • Online activation
  • Data collection from marketing activities
  • Introduction to Marketing Analytics
  • From the world of Marketing - Case Studies


  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Sections of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing.
  • Modern vs Traditional Marketing
  • Brand/Product Visibility
  • Targeted Traffic vs Non-Targeted Traffic
  • How to Convert Traffic into Leads?
  • Engaging the Audience
  • Recall and Retention by Visitor
  • How to Decrease Bounce rates?


  • Website Development
  • Blogging
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube


  • Web Browsers and Websites
  • Domain names and Domain name extensions
  • Web Hosting
  • How to purchase the best Domain & Hosting?


  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Advantages of WordPress
  • WordPress Installation computer/localhost/server
  • WordPress Dashboard
  • Installing and Customizing Themes
  • Creating Categories, Pages and Posts
  • Adding Menus
  • Adding Widgets
  • Installing Plugins
  • Importance of webpage structure for SEO


  • What are Keywords?
  • Types of Keywords.
  • Keyword Ideas Generation – Uber Suggest
  • Google Keyword Planner Tool
  • Keywords Analysis Tools. (Free/ Paid Tool)
  • Keywords Research Process.
  • Google Search Operators.
  • Competition Analysis.
  • Using tools for Competition Analysis.


  • How does the search engine work?
  • Crawling, Indexing and Page Ranking Mechanisms.
  • Google Sandbox concept.
  • Understanding SERP – Search Engine Results Page
  • Google Algorithm updates.
  • Fixing Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird updates.


  • Fundamental On-page Factors.
  • Setting a Title for the Page/Post.
  • Setting proper Description for your page/post.
  • Page/post URL & its importance.
  • Headings, Importance of Heading and Rules.
  • Image Filename Optimisation.
  • Image Alt tag and its Importance.
  • Keywords placement and keyword Ratio/keyword density.
  • Importance of content.
  • Content Quality
  • Plagiarism checking tools
  • Creation of Robot.txt
  • Creation & integration Sitemaps.
  • Site Speed Analysis.
  • Images optimizations.
  • Anchor Links Optimization.
  • Google Analytics Integration


  • Introduction to Off-Page Optimization.
  • What is Link Building?
  • Types of Linking Methods (One Way, Two-Way and Three-Way Links).
  • Types of backlinks – DoFollow Vs. NoFollow.
  • Directory Submissions.
  • Social Bookmarking.
  • Local Business Listing.
  • Using Classifieds for Inbound Traffic.
  • Generating Links from QA Sites.
  • Guest Blogging.
  • Blog Commenting.
  • Links Analysis Tools. – (Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, SpyFu keyword tools)
  • What is Domain Authority?
  • Factors that influence domain authority
  • How to Increase Domain Authority.


  • Adding Website to Search Console & Verification Process.
  • Setting Geo-target location.
  • Analysis of Search Queries
  • Filtering Search Queries.
  • External Links Report.
  • Crawls Stats & Errors.
  • Fixing Crawl Stats Errors.
  • Fixing 404 Errors.


  • Google Business Listing
  • Creating Knowledge Panel for your business
  • Map listing optimizations.
  • Adding posts to google business listings.
  • Increasing business visibility through local SEO


  • Using tools for SEO – Free tools, Paid tools
  • Buying paid tools at a cheaper cost
  • Website SEO Audit – On-Page & OFF Page
  • SEO Report Creation
  • Monitoring website SEO improvements


  • Inorganic Search Results
  • Introduction to Google AdWords & PPC Advertising
  • Setting up a Google AdWords Account
  • Adwords Dashboard
  • Key Terms in Adwords – PPC, Bidding, Ad Rank, Quality Score, CTR
  • How does AdWords rank Ads?
  • How does bidding work?
  • Importance of Quality Score
  • Creating Good Landing Pages
  • Types of Campaigns
  • Creating Search Campaigns.
  • Location Targeting.
  • Different types of Location Targeting.
  • Different types of bid strategy – Manual and Auto.
  • Advanced bid strategies – Enhanced CPC CPA.
  • Ad-extensions & Types of Ad-Extensions.
  • Adding Ad-Extensions in Campaigns.
  • Creating Ad Groups.
  • Targeted keywords.
  • Finding relevant keywords, Adding keywords in ad-group.
  • Types of keywords, Phrase, exact, broad & negative.
  • Creating ads – Display & destination URL.
  • Tracking Performance/Conversion.
  • Importance of CTR in optimization & How to increase CTR.
  • How to increase quality score.
  • Importance of negative keywords in optimization.
  • Evaluating campaign stats.
  • Creating Display Campaign.
  • Types of display campaigns- All features, Mobile app, Remarketing, Engagement.
  • The difference in Search & Display Campaign Settings.
  • Ad-scheduling & Ad-delivery.
  • Ads placement.
  • Remarketing.
  • Setting up Remarketing Campaign.
  • Creating Remarketing Lists.
  • Custom Audience.


  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • How to set up Analytics Account
  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Goals and Conversions
  • How to set up Goals?
  • Types of Goals
  • Bounce Rate
  • How to Integrate AdWords and Analytics account?
  • How to set up Filters?
  • How to view customized reports?
  • Traffic Sources/Channels
  • Traffic Behavioural flow


  • Social Media and Its Importance in Digital Marketing.
  • SMM Vs SMO.
  • Introduction to Facebook.
  • Facebook account setup.
  • Facebook for Personal Account and Its Elements.
  • Creating a post.
  • Facebook Page for businesses.
  • Different Types of Business pages offered by Facebook.
  • Profile Pic and Cover photo dimensions for pages.
  • Types of Posts and Statistics.
  • Hashtags and its advantages.
  • Facebook Page Designing.
  • Engaging Fans and Increase the Likes.
  • Page management options.
  • Facebook Events creation.
  • Facebook Insights.
  • Facebook Groups.


  • Introduction to Facebook Advertisements.
  • Difference between Facebook Advertising and Google Search Advertisements.
  • Types of Promotions with Facebook Advertisement.
  • Targeting the Audience.
  • Advanced Audience Targeting.
  • Ad Formats.
  • Conversion Tracking.
  • Integrating Facebook Pixel with your website
  • Retargeting on Facebook.


  • Introduction to Linkedin.
  • Linkedin for SEO.
  • Benefits of LinkedIn Network.
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation.
  • Optimizing the profile.
  • Skills and Endorsements.
  • Recommendations on LinkedIn.
  • Adding new connections.
  • LinkedIn Posts.
  • LinkedIn Groups.
  • Finding Jobs on LinkedIn.
  • Creating a business page on LinkedIn.
  • Linkedin business page customization.
  • LinkedIn Page Posts.


  • Introduction to Twitter.
  • Twitter for Brand building.
  • Creating a Twitter profile.
  • Fan Engagement on Twitter.
  • Twitter HashTags.
  • Choosing Hashtags for your business?
  • Engaging users on Twitter.
  • Integrating Twitter with other social media networking sites.


  • YouTube Marketing Introduction.
  • Creating Channel on YouTube.
  • Types of Videos.
  • Uploading video.
  • YouTube Video SEO.
  • Annotations and End Cards.
  • How to use Playlists.
  • Understanding Copyrights and Spam.
  • YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard.
  • YouTube Analytics.
  • YouTube channel Suspension, Policy Violation rules.


  • What is Instagram Marketing
  • Why should you use Instagram for your business
  • How to increase followers on Instagram
  • Tips to get good Engagement on Instagram
  • Best Instagram Marketing Tactics
  • Instagram Hashtags
  • Instagram Stories & their importance
  • 60 seconders on Instagram – Instagram Video Ads.
  • Instagram Paid Advertising


  • New age of digital media: Content
  • A. What is content
  • B. How it represent brand
  • Content for survival
  • Content and chaos
  • Content: refresh or fatigue
  • Let's play content
  • Content type 1 : Real Drama
  • Content type 2: dramatically real
  • Content Turn around time (THAT)
  • Building content for different platform fron same video
  • Future of relationship between Agencies, media house (eg. TOI) and brands new relationship
  • Content: video production
  • In search of content or how to search content
  • Content strategy
  • Rise of impulse and fall of planned media


  • Understaning Need for content
  • Content research
  • Tips to write good quality content
  • Content Spinning techniques
  • Plagiarism check for content
  • readability check for content


  • What is Quora?
  • Creating a Quora profile
  • Generating Leads from Quora
  • Questioning in Quora
  • Answering in Quora
  • Being Anonymous
  • Quora Blog
  • Best Quora techniques for marketing your business.


  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing.
  • How Affiliate Marketing Works?
  • Earning Money from Affiliate Marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing Networks.
  • Affiliate Marketing Niches research
  • Affiliate Marketing execution & Tips
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools.
  • Best proven strategies to make money from Affiliate Marketing.
  • Live Case Studies.


  • Best Freelancing sites.
  • Creating a profile in Freelancing websites.
  • Applying for works on freelancing websites.
  • Tips for getting projects on Freelancing websites.
  • Writing professional email to clients.


  • What is Email Marketing?
  • Advantages of Email Marketing.
  • Terminology Used in Email Marketing.
  • Do and Don’ts in Email Marketing.
  • Email Marketing Platforms.
  • Lead generation tools.
  • Auto-Responders.
  • Designing Newsletters.
  • Creating mailing sequences
  • Generating sales from Email Marketing
  • Avoiding spam folder.
  • Bulk Emailing.
  • Best practices to send bulk emails.
  • Reports Metrics and Analysis.
  • A/B Testing & Improving ROI.


  • What is SMS marketing
  • Advantages & Importance of SMS Marketing
  • why is sms marketing so effective
  • How to do SMS marketing
  • What are Bulk SMS
  • Do’s and Don’t in SMS Marketing
  • Best Practices


  • What is E-commerce website?
  • Difference between E-commerce website & Normal website
  • Importance of security for E-commerce website – SSL Security
  • E-commerce on WordPress – WooCommerce
  • Payment gateway integration.
  • Creating seller accounts on Amazon &Flipkart.Gr
  • Facebook marketplace sales.


  • AHrefs
  • SEMRush
  • WordAI
  • Grammarly
  • MOZ
  • Canva
  • Animoto
  • WOO Rank
  • Keyword Revealer
  • Keyword Tool
  • Majestic
  • BuzzSumo
  • SpyFu
  • Alexa
  • Lumen5
  • Vidiq
  • Tube Buddy
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Answer the public
  • Hellobar
  • Mail Chimp
  • Subscribers
  • SEO Quake


  • Notes/PPT’s
  • Interview Questions
  • Sample Resumes
  • Free Themes and plugins.
  • List of websites to follow for updates
  • List of Websites for SEO Backlinks
  • Access to Digital Brolly’s Private Facebook Group
  • Job Openings updates


  • Interview Questions
  • Resume Preparation
  • Digital Marketing Terminology


  • Google Adwords certification
  • Internship Certificate


I’m a beginner. Is this course suitable for me?

Yes. This is a comprehensive course suitable for beginners.

What are the benefits of taking Digital Marketing training?

Taking Digital Marketing training helps in building a career as a Content Developer, Social Media Manager, SEO Executive, etc. Learning our best Marketing course in Hyderabad helps you in understanding the basics of other key programming languages and more.

What scope do I have as a Marketing Professional?

A Marketing professional is never obsolete and irrelevant. Various companies and corporates recruit Programmers to create, develop & broadcast content for Social Media, Website, Online campaigns and a lot more. With the current demand, high scope, and our best Marketing course in Hyderabad there is great career growth.

Why should I pursue a Marketing Training course from GingerBoard Academy?

GingerBoard Academy is a leading institute that offers training courses in Digital Marketing technologies by experts with the sole objective of bridging the gap between the education curriculum and the IT industry.

  • With our best Marketing training course in Hyderabad, excellent teaching methodologies are followed so that students & trainees can attain high-level knowledge on each and every concept of Java.
  • Students & Trainees are guided throughout the training in such a way that they can develop a stand-alone application by the end of the Marketing training course in Hyderabad.
  • Our industry experts deliver experiential training with practical awareness & theoretical understanding.
  • Both offline, as well as online course material covering all the topics, is given to help the trainees learn better. Technical skills flourish through regular assessments and daily assignments.
  • The excellent learning environment, regular assistance, and expert-devised training procedures are the key features of GingerBoard Academy Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad.
  • Your careers are ever-evolving, therefore it is essential for you to need a learning solution that inspires you to create the future. With our platform, you can always match up your pace, work faster and smarter, and gain in-demand skills with the ever-changing speed & path of technology!

What kind of projects will I be a part of during my course training?

GingerBoard is offering you the most relevant, valuable and industry-oriented projects as part of all its course programs. This enables you to implement the principles and concepts that you’ve acquired in real-world industry setup. All our best training programs come with multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills, boost your learning and practical knowledge thus making you completely industry-ready. You will work on highly exciting projects in the domains of advanced technology, eCommerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance, etc. Upon successful completion of the projects, you will become a certified professional!

Who else can join this course?

Any Graduates (including IT or business field) can enrol for this course. Professionals can also upskill themselves for their career growth and development.

Beginner students aspiring to make it big in the field of software technology can also enrol for this course.

Where can I apply Digital Marketing in real-life?

Digital Marketing is has a wide range of application in the field of technology, business, health, education, research, aesthetics, luxury and so many others. From a single entity, it has grown to a multi-level platform for marketing and communication.

Is there any placement assistance after I complete my course?

GingerBoard actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the training. We also help you tackle job interviews through mock interviews and résumé preparation part as well.

We are exclusively tied-up with numerous MNCs from around the world where you can be placed with a strengthened authentic profile. We are associated with outstanding organizations among other equally great enterprises.

Do we have demo sessions for the course?

Definitely. We believe that every individual should get accustomed to the GingerBoard way of teaching and training. Demo sessions enable you to make concrete decisions regarding career development.

How to attend the missed sessions?

GingerBoard Academy ensures that every course and industrial training you undergo is seamless and efficient in function. You can inform your trainer priorly about the classes or sessions missed, then apply for back up classes online.

What kind of job opportunities would be available post completion of my certified course?

After you’ve successfully completed the course you will be able to work under the following designations:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Activation Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists
  • Copy Writers
  • Content Writers
  • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • SEO Expert
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer

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